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Whey Protein Concentrate is traditionally made as a by-product of cheese making through heat, acidification and rennet (enzyme) application.

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In contrast, Freedom Foods Group Nutritionals pure Native Whey Protein Concentrate (PUREnWPC™) is different. It is prepared from fresh cow’s milk that has passed through an innovative serial filtration process and is then gently spray dried, which produces Native Whey Proteins in their protein preserved state.

PUREnWPC™ is a specialty functional whey protein concentrate which is rich in essential amino acids and the highly sought-after Leucine amino acid.

PUREnWPC™ has a neutral flavour, has high protein and low-fat levels and is non-soy lecithinated. It suits a range of sports nutrition products, is great in weight loss and beverage product applications and works well in dairy dessert and confectionery products. It may even be incorporated into extruded chip-like products.

PUREnWPC™ Key Benefits and Features

• > 80% nWPC purity
• Prepared from fresh cow’s milk that has passed through an innovative, serial filtration process
• Spray dried at low temperatures
• A clean, pure taste profile
• Non-soy lecithinated and no other additives with a consistent quality and sensory profile that makes it easy to incorporate into many label friendly products
• Highest Quality Native Whey Proteins which exist in their protein preserved state
• Rich in alpha-lactalbumin whey protein
• Impressive essential amino acid, branched chain amino acid and leucine profiles
• Blood amino acid concentration increases 2-3-fold in first 60 minutes post exercise recovery, versus casein proteins.

Its consistent quality and optimal sensory profile makes it ideal for use in a variety of applications including:

• Sports nutrition products
• Bakery products
• Cereal and snack products
• Confectionary
• Oral nutrition for supplements for all ages across the lifespan
• Dry blends, prepared dry mixes
• Wet blends

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