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Freedom Foods pure Native Whey Protein Isolate PUREnWPI™ is a highly functional, ultra-pure, native whey protein isolate from fresh cow’s milk that has passed through an innovative serial filtration process and is then gently spray dried to preserve its structural and functional integrity. PUREnWPI™ is low in lactose, fat and carbohydrate and possesses a superior essential amino acid profile and is rich in branch chain amino acids. It is an excellent source of leucine while also being a rich source of other functional whey proteins including α-lactalbumin, β-lactalbumin & Immunoglobulins.

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Whey protein isolate (WPI) is an ultra-pure and filtered whey protein with exceptional biological value demonstrated by its high protein, low carbohydrate and low fat profile. This highly functional protein is rapidly digested and absorbed and is typically rich in the amino acid leucine, valued for its role in muscle protein recovery. WPI has greater potential to increase blood leucine concentration and promote greater muscle protein synthesis versus WPC and Whey Protein Hydrolysate. WPI is low in lactose and so can be a beneficial protein source for those who have some trouble with dairy products.

PUREnWPI™ is non-soy lecthinated, non-GMO and has a neutral flavour profile making it well suited across a range of active lifestyle, clinical and sports nutrition products, high quality protein enriched foods and beverages, functional foods, confectionery and fortified dairy products.

PUREnWPI™ Key Benefits and Features

• > 90 % nWPI purity
• Native (non-denatured) proteins
• Passed through an innovative, serial filtration process
• Gently spray dried at low temperatures to retain native structure and functional properties
• Non-soy lecithinated and non-GMO
• Clean and pure taste profile
• Proudly Australian made using pure Australian cow’s milk

Freedom Foods PUREnWPI is highly soluble with a neutral flavour profile, and is suitable for the following applications:

* High quality protein enriched foods and beverages
* Sports nutrition beverages
* Sports nutrition powdered supplements
* Health food products
* Clinical nutrition (e.g. tissue recovery applications)
* Dairy products
* Confectionery

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