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Freedom Farmers

It’s regularly said that farmers are the backbone of Australia, and needless to say – we couldn’t agree more. Our farmers are important members of the Freedom Foods family, after all – no one knows the land better than the people working with it every day.

Their dedication and hard work provides the best available, home-grown ingredients straight from Australian farms – because we know it’s never been more important to know where our food is coming from. We’re no ordinary company either, and we’ve made a point to know our farmers personally. These relationships bring the quality and expertise to ‘make food better’.

Learn more about their stories in the videos above

Freedom Foods - Tetra packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Freedom Foods Group is one of the largest beverage packers in Australia. We know that nutritious high quality beverages need to be wrapped in sustainable packaging. So we’ve committed to Tetra Pak recyclable materials across all our packaged beverages to ensure we’re playing our part in protecting the environment too.